THE Family

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The Family

Established in the summer of 2007.

We met while volunteering in a program that was helping individuals whose homes had been damaged from hurricane Wilma. After we were married, we moved into a home in Largo Sound Village and have remained there until now. 


The company

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the company

We listen to your needs and offer practical and effective solutions.  We strive to be honest, reliable, and offer quality work. Those are the things we appreciate, so we wouldn't want to give anything less. 


January 2016

Registered company name - Degree of Comfort LLC

August 2016

Obtained the State Mechanical License
Done with that test!

December 2016

My wife’s parents donated a brand new van to help us get the business going! Designed a logo, had lettering installed on the van, installed shelving in the van, obtained the few tools we didn't already have, and designed and produced company shirts… Ready to go!

January 2017

Started advertising and accepting work.



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Jason Beegle

I started working in the air conditioning field when I was 14 years old. While now in my 30's I have realized, more than I did in my 20's, I'll never stop learning more about this trade. It is an ever evolving trade as new technologies keep progression at a rapid pace.

I moved to Key Largo more than a decade ago after meeting my wife on a volunteer project. I grew up in Indiana, so when we decided to get married we didn't even really have the discussion of moving to Indiana over Key Largo, we both just knew Key Largo was the better option.

While not as beautiful as the Florida Keys, I am grateful to have spent my formative years in the Midwest. The small town supported by agriculture, that I used to call home, was a good place to learn a work ethic and the importance of caring. This includes not just being afraid of getting my hands dirty, but also desiring to do the best job possible. It also taught me you can't fake caring, people know when you are being genuine. The small town atmosphere taught me to get to know and care about my neighbors. I also realize that Key Largo, while known the world over, is just another small town. Very similar to what I grew up in.

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Alexandra Beegle

Working on air conditioners wasn’t ever my answer when someone asked, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”  

In 2005 I began working as a third grade teacher at Key Largo School. After 6 years, I resigned and began a tutoring company.  This change allowed me to teach and keep a flexible schedule.

When we opened Degree of Comfort LLC, it was evident that jobs work smoother and quicker if Jason has a helper.  It turns out that having a successful marriage for over 10 years means Jason thinks I qualify to be an excellent HVAC assistant for him.  The good thing is, I enjoy the physical work, learning something new, and I actually love that we get to work together.